4. Create Polygon wallet

1. Install METAMASK, a chrome web application.

2. Create

account in METAMASK

2-1. Run METAMASK (puzzle icon on the chrome web)

2-2. Sign up account

If you forget, you can’t find it, so make sure to save the blue box phrase separately.

3. Create METAMASK Polygon wallet.


3-2. Add a network in the top right of the METAMASK.

3-3. Enter Polygon network information

  • ① Network name: POLYGON

  • ② New RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com

  • ③ Chain ID: 137

  • ④ Currency symbol: MATIC

  • ⑤ Block explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com

4. Copy Polygon wallet address

4-1. Check the POLYGON in the blue box.

4-2. ① Click the icon to copy it.

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