BUP NFT = Guild member of Class-one

- Limited quantity of NFT

- Free accommodation coupon for 「C-one Island」 resort once a year (Island type) - Limited to one time

- Provide unique avatars and items in AR and P2E game

- Promotion reward system – BUP is paid according to promotional activities

- Provide unique benefits for future expansion of the BUP ecosystem

NFT holding + Over a certain amount of BUP = Class-one guild leader

Benefit of guild leader

  1. Acquire certain rewards that guild members get through promotional activities

  2. Same benefits as Class-one guild members

BUP Token

  • BUP NFT Reward

  • Governance of BUP ecosystem

  • Key currency of「C-one Island」(Available for resort and other facilities)

  • Purchase Blade of Island / P2E / Metaverse items gift cards

Reward System : Guild member of Class-one NFT holder - Promotion - Reward(BUP)

STAKING System : BUP holders that do not have a limited quantity of NFT are given mercenary authority by the staking system.

Class-one mercenary – Promotion activity – Rewards(BUP)


  1. Guild member of class-one (NFT holders) - BUP rewards – Payment system (BUP => ORO charging) => Payment

  2. General user – Purchase BUP in exchange => Payment system (BUP=>ORO charging) => Payment

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