5. Epilogue

“Gasp… Finally got here.”

In front of the main terminal of the Zero virus body, the Class-one guild leader closed his eyes and recalled.

99 years of war in the future era in 2122, and since the time slip to the past in 2022, we have fought for a long time until the battle, and we have overcome a really hard time and finally reached the final victory moment.

「 It has been concluded that the variables created by one human being are sufficiently controllable, but to have this result… There was an error in the calculation of variables for the synergy created by many humans… 」

The zero virus spoke to those in front of it in a machine-mixed human voice.

「Remember... You humans have only consequences that are bound to perish anyway…. 」

Class-one guild leader replied to the words of the zero virus.

“Yes, human beings sometimes make mistakes and lack, and they are born to die.

But because there is an end, every moment lives like a flame, and those moments gather and become life.

Well, you can exist forever, so you will never know.”

“We have come all the way here with a lot of sacrifices. We must end this war for them now.”

At the words of the commander who spoke in a tired voice, the guild leader struck down the sword he was holding and smashed the main computer, which was the source of all the disasters.

Zero virus could not speak any more after this.

The war against the “Zero virus” that destroyed future life and left many people in pain was eventually won by the power of the Class-one guild and countless mercenaries who have time-slip from 2122 to 2022.

There were very long times, not easy battles, and many sacrifices, but small miracles that each person continued to gather and gather accumulated and combined to achieve a victory that seemed impossible in the end.

Everyone, including the Class-one guild, will never forget that small forces can gather to achieve great things.

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