0. Prologue

The world of 2122 is a fantasy-like world in which reality and virtual reality are mixed.

Metaverse technology, which began 100 years ago, continued to develop, and in the beginning, it began with minor things and gradually increased its scale, finally reaching a level where it was difficult to distinguish between reality and virtualization.

Many people accessed a virtual world of metaverse and produced services and products, and many services and products that transcend time and space have enriched human lives.

Of course, it wasn’t all about merit. As the number of people living in the digital world increased exponentially, crimes and problems arose, and the most serious of them were the risk of malware in the metaverse virtual world and viruses in the real world.

It was implemented mainly in the form of monsters expressed in games and novels, making many people in danger, and bothering people by destroying the world.

The most threatening of these is the code name “404-C0001”, which is “Zero Virus”.

As its name suggests, it was notorious for destroying everything and leaving no trace.

The damage of the “Zero Virus” got worse over time and affected both the virtual world and the real world, and the world was increasingly eroded by the virus, and 90% of the virtual world was eventually destroyed despite the efforts and resistance of many people.

Eventually, the few who survived studied using quantum computers to solve this problem and had no choice but to choose a time slip, the only solution to go back to the past.

Fortunately, the time slip technology has not yet been destroyed and there was a risk of time error, but it was able to move to the past time, and the destination was JaEun island, a South Korean Island believed to be the starting point of the “Zero Virus” about 100 years ago.

In 2022, “JaEun Island”, a hidden gem-like island that is not well known to people living in Korea, was amid resort construction and was preparing to be reborn as a new resort, 「C-one Island」, while monsters of the virtual world in the metaverse that began here were appearing little by little.

Those from the future have developed the 「C-one Island」 as a key area and defense base to protect the future digital world and have begun recruiting warriors to fight monsters to prevent further disasters.

The beautiful island 「C-one Island」, the future of the world, we must protect from now on.

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