5. Disclaimer terms and conditions

The BuildUP Token Business Model is designed to provide the overall content of the project and specific information on the roadmap to those interested in the BuildUP (BUP) project. It is not intended to encourage investment, etc., and has nothing to do with it.

Everyone who reads this white paper should note that in the event of any other financial damage, such as damages, losses, debts, or other damages arising from this white paper, Go Moneda foundation will not be liable for any compensation, compensation, or other damages.

Please note once again that Go Moneda foundation shall not be liable for any compensation or any financial and debt damages arising from the use of this white paper (including but not limited to the case referred to or based on this white paper) by the reader in his/her decision-making or other actions.

This white paper in the BuildUP(BUP) project is “based on when it was created(as is)” and does not guarantee that anything contained in the white paper will not be accurate or changed until a future point in time. Go Moneda foundation shall not state or warrant anything to anyone who reads this white paper, nor shall it bear any legal responsibility.

For example, Go Moneda foundation does not guarantee that the white paper is legitimate, and dose not infringe on third-party rights, that it is commercially valuable or useful, that it is suitable for the achievement of a particular purpose that the reader has, or that the content of the white paper has errors and so on. The scope of liability exemption is not limited to the examples mentioned.

In addition, the contents of the above white paper are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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