4. Back to the future

It was a tough fight, but each person continued to gather and eventually Class-one guild succeeded in eliminating the “‘404-C0001. Zero Virus”. The guild members, who initially returned to the past, return to the future, and as they expected, the future changed perfectly to peace, not destruction anymore.

The “404-C0001 Zero Virus” disappeared and the beautiful island “C-one Island” resort was waiting for them.

The BUP rewards collected through the project will be able to be used abundantly in “C-one Island”.

Mission 4

The BUP acquired through promotional rewards can also be charged with Oro in the payment system(ARCA wallet), and let’s use it in「C-one Island」at a discounted price!

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Arca Wallet

Arca wallet supports payment functions including BUP’s free asset management and transfer for travel and tourism.

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